Telemecanique Sensors Plastic Fibre Optic Sensor 300 mm, IP64, IP641

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Fibre Optic Light Guides for XUD Amplifiers

The diffuse scan types have figure of eight cross section cables which terminate in a round cross section at the sensing face. There are 2 core strands at the detector face.
Thru beam light guides (stock nos. 324-1636 and 281-1622) can be fitted with an optional lens (stock no. 324-1664) for increased sensing distances. (up to 400mm for 324-1636 and up to 1500mm for 281-1622)
The sensing distance of 200mm for stock no. 513-5549 is the maximum sensing distance. The distance is determined by the length the fibre is cut to
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C


Stock numbers 281-1600, 281-1616, 324-1636, 281-1622, 324-1658 and 324-1642 are stocked as spares only (RS no longer supplies the amplifiers with which they are used).

Detection Range 300 mm
Fibre Optic Type Plastic
IP Rating IP64, IP641
Housing Material PE
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C
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