5 W Emergency Light Conversion Kit

  • RS 제품 번호 795-9842
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS Emergency LED Mini Downlighters Non-Maintained

These non-maintained, emergency LED mini downlighters conversion kit can be used in a variety of different ways, to provide a simple yet adaptable lighting solution. The LED mini downlighters are available in versions of 1W, 3W and 5W. Ideal applications of these LED emergency mini conversion kit are in corridors, offices and retail.

1W, 3W and 5W non-maintained self-contained LED
3.6V 1.5Ah (1W)
3.6V 3Ah (3W)
3.6V 4.5Ah (5W)
NiMH battery pack
24 hour charging, 3 hour duration
E¬cient re ector design
Recessed mounting brackets included

Emergency Light Fittings

There are two basic types of emergency lighting luminaires - maintained and non-maintained. Maintained,These luminaires have the advantage of being able to be switched between the maintained function (lamp illuminated at all times) and non-maintained (lamp off until power supply fails), making them ideal for applications such as corridors, workshops and permanently illuminated emergency exit signs.The maintained luminaires also have the facility of being switched in banks of up to ten units. Non-maintained,These luminaires are only illuminated on a failure of the mains supply. Ideal for emergency exits, switchrooms and storage areas.

Number of Lamps 1
Wattage 5 W
12 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
단가 Each
(exc. VAT)
1 +