Mitutoyo 150mm Digital Caliper 0.01 mm, Metric

  • RS 제품 번호 664-6081
  • 제조사 부품 번호 500-706-20
  • 제조업체 Mitutoyo
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COO (Country of Origin): JP
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ABSOLUTE IP67 Calliper

The IP67 digital caliper complies with DIN EN 60 529 is dust proof and withstands temporary complete immersion in water without suffering any damage.

Sliding calliper with 0 - 150 mm measurement range.
Equipped with a flat depth gauge.
Precision: 0.02 mm.
Resolution: 0.01 mm.
Resistance to dust, coolant fluids and splashes of oil and water to ensure optimum operation even in the most hostile of environments.
Functions: automatic shut-off, ORIGIN.

Supplied with

Case and 1 battery.

Mitutoyo Precision Caliper

The Mitutoyo 0 to 150mm range precision calliper is an industry protection standard-compliant device used in length measuring systems. It is ideal for environments where large amounts of cutting oils are being sprayed from various directions (where only vernier callipers could be used before). This device can withstand temporary immersion in water without suffering any damage. Also, it is completely dustproof and coolant proof. It comes with an ABS (absolute) measurement function that automatically starts the absolute-mode measurement without any zero-setting after it is switched on. The calliper also has a data output port and water-resistant connection cable to export data.Supplied with Case and 1 battery.

Features and Benefits

Battery life of up to 3 years under normal use Fully hardened stainless steel beam and jaws with an anti-glare Satin chrome finish Error reporting Precision of 0.02mm Resolution of 0.01mm All measuring surfaces are ground and lapped for high accuracy Auto power on/off function Zero point of the instrument is pre-set and memorised even if the unit is switched off No need to wipe off water and oil from the main scale during use Resistant to dust


Mechanical engineering Aerospace industries Steel and other metalwork industry

Caliper Type Digital
Capacity 150mm
Imperial or Metric Metric
Display Type Digital
Accuracy ±0.02 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
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