Cypress Semiconductor CYBLE-212006-01 Bluetooth Chip

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The CYBLE-2X20XX-X1 is a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless module solution. The CYBLE-2X20XX-X1 is a turnkey solution and includes onboard crystal oscillators, passive components, and the Cypress PSoC 4 BLE. Refer to the PSoC 4 BLE datasheet for additional details on the capabilities of the PSoC 4 BLE device used on this module. The CYBLE-2X20XX-X1 supports a number of peripheral functions (ADC, timers, counters, PWM) and serial communication protocols (I2C, UART, SPI) through its programmable architecture. The CYBLE-2X20XX-X1 includes a royalty-free BLE stack compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and provides up to 19 GPIOs in a 15.0 ´ 23.0 ´ 2.0 mm package. The CYBLE-212006-01 includes an integrated trace antenna. The CYBLE-202007-01 supports an external antenna via a u-FL connector. The CYBLE-202013-11 supports an external antenna through a RF solder pad output. The CYBLE-202013-11 does not include a RF shield and is not regulatory certified.

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