RS PRO 1/4in Air Blow Gun , 6bar

  • RS 제품 번호 806-763
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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COO (Country of Origin): NZ
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Blow/Vacuum Gun

Air powered clean up guns that can be converted into a vacuum or blow gun by unscrewing the rear of the gun, reversing the venturi unit and screwing the gun back together
The venturi/vortex action multiplies input and prevents risk of stalling
Constructed from hard wearing maintenance nylon 6 that is also oil resistant and chemically inert
1/4in BSP Inlet
Max working pressure 6 bar
Accessories available separately, not supplied with dustbag


806-791- Flared Nozzle
806-808 - 450mm Extension Tube
806-814 - Crevice Tool
806-785 - Dust Bag Kit
806-820 - 2m Conveyor Hose


Non-restricted type blow guns must only be used on air lines which have a pressure regulator set at a maximum of 30 psi.

Reversible Air Blow Vacuum Gun

RS PRO Blow / vacuum air gun is a versatile air gun that can be used as an air blow gun and then simply changed into a vacuum gun by unscrewing the back of the air gun, reversing the venture air gun tube and then screwing it all back together. The air gun low and vacuum assists you in removing metal chips, pellets, powders and debris from your work areas and machine beds. Any waste material is collected into a dust bag or can be transferred by use of a hose to a waste bin or drum. This is a tough hard-wearing model made from Nylon 6 abrasive resistant material all adding to this air blower / vacuums strength.

Features and Benefits.

• Reversible Air Gun.
• Air blow or vacuum.
• Can be hand held or static site.
• No moving parts.
• Low air consumption.
• Made from Nylon 6 material.
• Abrasive resistant.
• Tough.
• Durable.
• Wide range of accessories.

Air Gun / Blow Gun Applications.

• Remove and collect metal chips, pellets, dust, powders, granules, debris. • Use in work areas, work surfaces, machine beds.


• Pressurised air supply.

Air Gun / Blow Gun Accessories.

• Stock number 806791 – Flared Air Nozzle. • Stock number 806808 – 450 mm Extension Tube.
• Stock number 806814 – Crevice Tool.
• Stock number 806820 – Dust Bag Kit.
• Stock number 806820 – 2 m Conveyor Hose.


  • To avoid risk of injury, these guns must only be used with either a suitable dust bag or conveying hose.
    Always use approved eye protection when using these tools. Blow guns, unless correctly used, can prove dangerous; read instructions carefully.
Air Inlet BSP 1/4in
Working Pressure 6bar
Model Number VM22
Type Air Blow Gun
8 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
56 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
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