RS PRO Digital Bench Power Supply, 1 Output 0 → 30V 0 → 5 (Adjustable) A, 3 (Fixed) A

  • RS 제품 번호 180-8786
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS PRO RS-A3305P Series Bench Power Supply

Introducing the RS PRO RS-A3305P Series Bench Power Supply. This high-performance D/C power supply allows users to work without additional noise being created by the power supply due to the low noise level and ripple function. This bench power supply is of an industrial grade which allows to work for long periods of time, without compromising the quality of the tests that are being run. This bench power supply is a high-quality, versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of applications and can be bought as a non-calibrated or calibrated (RS Calibration or UKAS Calibration) machine.

Features and Benefits:

• Complete programmable allowing users to self-define voltage and current under rated power conditions to satisfy them with wider voltage and current operational ranges
• Industrial grade power supply unit to allow for load testing for greater periods of time without impacting testing
• Low noise and ripple feature that allows for greater clarity and less noise in the working environment
• 5 sets of parameters can be stored and recalled for frequent testing
• 100 sets of stored parameters inside for programmable recall
• CV / CC constant voltage and constant current modes
• The remote measurement terminal compensates the voltage drop of the wire
• Built-in USB and RS-232 Interface giving greater flexibility for use
• 10 mV / 1 mA resolution
• Available for RS and UKAS calibration


A bench power supply is an essential piece of equipment if you do a lot of electronics or other powered projects on your bench and need a reliable source of power at different voltages. They are very useful tools in testing circuits, as they allow you to adjust the voltage to a specific value depending on what project you are working on.
The most common and versatile regulated DC power supply is the constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) type which as the name implies can provide either a constant current or constant voltage within a certain range.

These units are generally used for:

• General laboratory
• Education
• Industry
• Research
• Production
• Workshops

Output Voltage 0 → 30V
Output Current 0 → 5 (Adjustable) A, 3 (Fixed) A
Number of Outputs 1
Type Digital
Supply Voltage 230V
Number of Displays 1
Input Connector IEC 320-C14
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Maximum Temperature +40°C
93 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
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