STMicroelectronics STEVAL-IME013V1, STHV800 Ultrasound Pulser Evaluation Board for STHV800

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STEVAL-IME013V1, Ultrasound Pulser IC Evaluation Board

The STEVAL-IME013V1 evaluation board is designed around the STHV800, an 8-channel, 3-level 90 V 2 A high-speed ultrasound pulser IC. It is designed for medical ultrasound imaging applications.
The software graphical user interface offers a simple way to evaluate the ultrasound pulser IC, STHV800. Connecting an oscilloscope with the probes on the BNC connectors of the board, the configured output waveforms can be displayed.

8-channel high voltage and low voltage outputs BNC connectors
Up to 4 memory locations to store user-designed waveforms
USB connector to download stored waveforms
Dedicated connectors to supply high voltage and low voltage to the STHV800 output stage
4 key button to select the preferred program

Ultrasound Pulser ICs, STMicroelectronics

Ultrasound pulser ICs are designed for medical ultrasound imaging and non-destructive test applications.

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Featured Device STHV800
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