CEL Dual Material Head for use with RBX02 RoboxDual

  • RS 제품 번호 134-7553
  • 제조사 부품 번호 RBX01-DM
  • 제조업체 CEL
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COO (Country of Origin): CN
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Robox Dual Material Nozzle Head

The Robox replacement Dual Material head consists of 2 independently controlled heated nozzles each with the unique Robox needle valve control system. Allows you to print with 2 materials or 2 colours in the same material on the same layer

• Print with two different materials or colours
• Nozzles are the same size
• Compatible with the HeadLock system
• All metal construction with 280°C max
• Dual Ø0.4 mm nozzles
• Intelligent and independent heater control
• Fast heat-up time – ready to print in <1 min
• Needle-valve flow control
• No ooze or stringing between parts

Material Compatibility: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PVA

This head can be used directly with the RBX02 RoboxDual, using 2 different materials or colours


RBX1 Robox is required to use this kit. Robox is not included
Replacement / spare head which works on any RBX01 Robox that has a 2nd Extruder fitted along with spare parts from the Dual Material Head Kit. If you do not have these parts, it will not work.

Supplied with

RBX1-DM Dual Material Head
RBX01-ACC-AW Pack of 10 Alcohol bed wipes

Robox Accessories

Product Type Dual Material Head
For Use With RBX02 RoboxDual
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