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Make sure you're IoT ready with our range of Industrial IoT enabling solutions from IO-Link sensors, data cables and HMI displays to antennas and network testing equipment. RS PRO is here to support your IoT needs and help to improve your operational efficiency.

RS PRO, the own brand of RS Components, offers an unbeatable range of over 70,000 products across all industries with the quality you can trust.

The RS PRO range offers customers a choice where the combination of quality, performance, and price create exceptional value. To ensure customers have complete confidence in the RS PRO offering, all products and components are backed by the RS Seal of Approval, representing leading industry standards for audit, inspection, test, and certification.


Featured products

Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors detect an object in close proximity without any physical contact. The sensor device uses sound, light, infrared (IR) or electromagnetic f

Proximity Sensors

Sensor Connectivity

ensor Connectivity or Sensor Boxes are used in a wide range of industrial applications and provide solutions for connecting, monitoring and controlling mul

Sensor Boxes

Industrial Hubs & Switches

ndustrial hubs are the devices used to connect several Ethernet devices together at one time. They then function as a single network together.

Industrial Hubs & Switches

HMI Displays

HMI displays in 5 sizes from 7.1in to 10.2in, featuring a colour TFT screen, embedded Ethernet, and powered by a Cortex A7 processor.

HMI Displays

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are devices that sense the applied pressure of gases or liquids. The output of the measurement is then converted into an electrical signal

Wireless Pressure Transducers

Network Test & Measurement

Make sure your network installation is working correctly and reliably with great value test & measurement equipment by RS PRO.

Network Test & Measurement

IoT Solutions

Join RS PRO-BOT on a journey through our range of IoT enabling product and solutions, both in the home office and on the factory floor.

IoT Range Guide

IoT Range Guide
  • Over 8,400 IoT enabling & smart connectivity products to support you
  • Embrace the IoT revolution for less with the help of RS PRO
  • Download and keep our digital guide for future reference
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Our Range, Your Choice

  • No other own brand gives you as many high quality, great value products with same day dispatch; and with over 60,000 to choose from the choice is in your hands.
  • We are so confident in the quality of the products in our RS PRO range, that we are offering a 3 year warranty.

Quality & price are key to our customers.

Corby Core, a contract manufacturing business making cable assemblies and control panels, tells us why RS PRO is a pivotal part of their purchasing mix. How it helps deliver quality, price and availability which is vital in helping meet their customer’s needs.

About RS PRO

About RS PRO
  • QUALITY: We rigorously test every part against demanding industry standards
  • CHOICE: We continuously expand our range to cover your every need.
  • VALUE: We price our products competitively without compromising our Quality