Machine and Plant Safety

From Machine and Electrical Safety, through to Security and Personal Protective Equipment, RS provides a wide range of products and solutions to ensure both your staff and site are kept safe and secure.

Latest Products for Machine and Plant Safety Applications

We are constantly expanding our offer with the latest solutions from the leading industrial brands

Machine Safety

Moving machine parts can cause serious workplace injuries. Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be safeguarded.

It’s essential to protect workers from moving machine parts putting in place the proper safety devices for each kind of possible hazard.

Our extensive range of machine guarding and safety, offers protection for all industry sectors, including factory and process automation.

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Electrical Safety

Precautions need to be taken before and whilst working around electricity, through training and having the right equipment and tools. At RS we have a wide range of tools to help keep you safe, from test equipment and insulated tools, through to lockouts and safety signs.

Correct labelling can save lives

Common labeling for electrical applications include wires and cables, circuit breakers, as well as Arc Flash and Safety labels. For an electrical engineer labeling is a crucial aspect in adhering to safe codes of practice in ensuring people are kept safe.

When implemented correctly, proper safety signage and labels help to increase worker safety (and even loss of life in extreme), communicate potentially hazardous situations, and reduce costs associated with lost time from injury.

It is extremely important to select the right label material based on the task at hand.

DYMO XTL label makers offer the flexibility to print continuous tape, pre-sized labels, heat-shrink tubes and safety signage all from the same label maker.

A full range of durable XTL labels are also available in a variety of materials and colours that fit with OSHA, ANSI and ISO colour standards for workplace communication and safety.

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Security & Access Control

Make sure your workplace is safe and secure, with everything you’ll need from video surveillance and access control through to padlocks and lockouts.

Samsung security solutions offer WiseNet Lite (WNL) range supported by Plug and Play NVRs with PoE+

Samsung offer a stand-alone security solutions: which encompasses the WiseNet Lite range of cameras which are supported by our Plug and Play PoE+ NVR series of 4, 8 & 16 channel recorders which allows the user to create a security system encompassing the latest IP technology, which not only provides peace of mind but has the added benefit of features i.e. Lens Distortion correction (LDC) & Hallway Mode (HM).

The cost effective solution of cameras & NVR’s is designed to meet the challenging demands and environments of the modern world, whilst supporting customers looking to upgrade, install & migrate their security system from analogue to IP. Couple this with the ‘Free Smart Viewer NVR software’ & the mobile Ipolis App for Android & Apple & you have peace of mind no matter where you are.

Whatever your requirements, Samsung has a solution for you.

Products related to security & access control:

Personal Protective Equipment & Site Safety

It is essential that the correct personal protection and site safety equipment is used depending on the working environment and at RS we are continually adding new and innovative products from leading brands, but also introducing selection guides and videos to make it easier to find the products to suit your needs.

RS Pro Related Products for Machine & Plant Safety

RS Pro gives you an ever-expanding choice of around 40,000 quality-tested products engineered for demanding manufacturing and industrial environments. Below are just some highlights from our range that we have selected for our Machine and Plant Safety customers.

Choose quality, performance and value without compromise.

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