Manual Grease Guns

What are they?
The grease gun is an effective tool for moving grease to a point of application. The close fitting of the apertures ensures that lubricant is applied only where needed
Types of grease guns
• Lever Grease Gun -One of the most popular varieties of grease guns is the lever operated type. Simply pulling the lever will create enough pressure to force the grease from the gun so that it can be applied to the relevant areas. Varying the length of the lever stroke will enable you to adjust the amount of grease that is dispensed.
• Hand Pump - Using hand pump grease guns will involve operating a pump on the top of the gun. This will create a buildup of air within the tool, which will create the pressure necessary to force the grease from within the gun
• Air Powered Grease Gun - These are mainly used on large commercial projects due to the force with which the grease is dispensed. These types of gun are powerful because they are attached to an air compressor by a hose, which creates the pressure to force the grease from the gun.
• Battery Powered Grease Gun - A Grease gun that is battery powered will ensure that it is easier to use since the power source will provide the energy needed to dispense the grease, rather than the exertion falling solely to your hand.

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검색 필터링

총 2개 제품 중 1번째-2번째 제품을 조회 중
한장내 검색 결과 수
제품설명 단가 Capacity Material Pressure Range Coupling Type Maximum Pressure
RS 제품 번호 672-166
16 oz Steel - 4 Jaw 7000psi
RS 제품 번호 672-150
120 cm³ Steel - 4 Jaw 2500psi