Audio & Video Switches

Audio and video switches are semiconductor accessory parts used in switch configuration. Both audio and video switches have a feature called ’Moisture detection’ which can help helps the device recognise false and improper attachments via moisture.

How do audio and video switches work?

Audio switches operate by helping to create a link between universal audio devices that may not typically be used together. For example, being able to connect your mobile phone to a different brand of headphones that normally may not be compatible (it’s worth checking first what is compatible as not all devices can connect to an audio switch).

Video switches work by taking analogue signals and switching them to different types of outputs such as HDMI. An example of this would be being able to output your laptop device via HDMI to an external monitor.

Applications of audio and video switches

Audio switches have a variety of application that include;

  • Mobile phone handsets
  • MP3 players
  • Portable peripheral devices
  • 3.5 to 2.5mm audio jacks

Video switches application use include;

  • Video Projectors
  • HDTV Monitors/Receivers
  • Notebook Computers
  • Digital HDTV Switch Boxes/Tuners
  • Multimedia Audio/Video Switchers
  • Servers/Routers with DVI Interfaces

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한장내 검색 결과 수
제품설명 단가 Switch Type Number of Inputs Number of Outputs Power Dissipation Crosstalk Package Type Number of Channels Pin Count Mounting Type Transmission Media Type Dimensions Switch Bandwidth Minimum Operating Temperature Transmission Media Distance
RS 제품 번호 178-2298
제조사 부품 번호NJM2246D
제조사New Japan Radio
Each (In a Tube of 50)
Video - - - -65dB PDIP - 8 Through Hole - 8.8 x 6.4 x 3.4mm - -40 °C -