DIN Rail Power Supplies

DIN Rail power supplies are available in many different forms and used to transform power into a format that can be stored. An example is solar power to electrical energy.

A power supply is a device that takes an incoming electrical current converts it to the correct voltage, current and frequency required by various devices. Power supplies are also known as electric power converters.

A power supply can be fitted to a device that the power supply works with or it can be a standalone piece of equipment. Power supplies have a power input connection receiving the electrical current form a source and the power connection then delivers the current where required.

What is DIN Rail Mounting?

A DIN Rail is normally a standard type of rail that is used to mount circuit breakers and industrial control equipment into equipment racks. DIN Rails are a support for equipment and are not a Busbar conducting an electrical current but, can provide a chassis grounding connection.

Types of DIN Rail Power Supplies available.

  • Analogue

  • Battery Chargers & Controllers

  • Extended battery module

  • Industrial control equipment

  • Linear

  • Miniature

  • Redundancy Module

  • Switch mode

  • UPS

There is a DIN Rail power supply available for every application AC and DC input and output including a range of sizes.

DIN Rail power supply specifications.

There are many applications for power supplies with differing voltage input and outputs, V ac, V dc, power ratings, electrical phase, and number of outputs.

Different ranges and series have their own unique features, designs and standards.

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검색 필터링

총 5개 제품 중 1번째-5번째 제품을 조회 중
한장내 검색 결과 수
제품설명 단가 AC or DC Input Voltage AC or DC Output Voltage Input Voltage Minimum Input Voltage Maximum Input Voltage Output Voltage Minimum Output Voltage Maximum Output Voltage Output Current Power Rating Number of Outputs Electrical Phase Type Dimensions
RS 제품 번호 445-8469
제조사 부품 번호LWR1601-6EG
Ac, Dc Dc 85 → 264V ac - - 24 V dc - - 5 A 125W 1 1 Switch Mode -
RS 제품 번호 445-8475
제조사 부품 번호LWN1601-6EG
Ac, Dc Dc 85 → 264V ac - - 24 V dc - - 10 A 250W 1 1 Switch Mode -
RS 제품 번호 445-8481
제조사 부품 번호LWN2660-6EG
Ac, Dc Dc 85 → 264V ac - - 24 V dc - - 5 A 250W 2 1 Switch Mode -
RS 제품 번호 459-6527
제조사 부품 번호LWN1801-6EG
Ac, Dc Dc 85 → 264V ac - - 48 V dc - - 5 A 250W 1 1 Switch Mode -
RS 제품 번호 459-6533
제조사 부품 번호LXN1601-6G
Ac, Dc Dc 85 → 264V ac - - 24 V dc - - 20 A 500W 1 1 Switch Mode -