Switching Regulators

Switching regulators are circuits that transform voltage and input current into a voltage and an output current of suitable level for properly feed the system, compensating for variations in the load and input voltage. They regulate energy transfer to maintain a constant output voltage within the circuit limits.

What are switching regulators used for?

They are use for single-cell or multi-cell battery powered applications and for portable electronic devices that are battery powered. They can prevent short circuits and ensure over voltage and under voltage protection. Switching regulators protect electronic systems from over current and over temperature damage.

Types of switching regulators

The basic circuit of the switching regulator can be configured to increase (step up or boost), reduce (step down or buck), or reverse the output voltage with respect to the input voltage (inverters). Switching regulators offer several advantages over linear voltage regulators. The main advantage is the high conversion efficiency, up to 95%. They often do not require external capacitors.

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RS 제품 번호 466-7584
제조사 부품 번호PSB246-2IRG
29 → 60V dc 24V dc 1 6A 144W Screw Mount - -10°C +50°C - - - - -
RS 제품 번호 466-7540
제조사 부품 번호PSA242.5-2G
29 → 60V dc 24V dc 1 2.5A 60W Screw Mount - -10°C +50°C - - - - -
RS 제품 번호 466-7590
제조사 부품 번호PSR54-9G
7 → 40V dc 5V dc 1 4A 20W Screw Mount - -25°C +71°C - - - - -
RS 제품 번호 466-7556
제조사 부품 번호PSB5A8-2IRG
7 → 40V dc 5.1V dc 1 8A 40.8W Screw Mount - -10°C +50°C - - - - -
RS 제품 번호 466-7512
제조사 부품 번호PSA123-2
15 → 40V dc 12V dc 1 3A 36W Screw Mount - -10°C +50°C - - - - -