Enclosure Drain Plugs

Enclosure drain plugs are components installed in electronic enclosures or conduit systems to effectively drain accumulated condensate (liquid produced by the condensation of steam). They minimise moisture build up by allowing moisture from the enclosure to vent into the surrounding atmosphere.

How do enclosure drain plugs work?

Enclosure drain plugs feature a mesh or a series of interconnected holes that allow water to drain quickly. The mesh also prevents dust, dirt, bugs or other contaminants from entering the enclosure. Some enclosure drain plugs have a 'cut out' section to allow water to completely drain from the enclosure and should be fitted at the lowest point of the enclosure.

What are enclosure drain plugs used for?

Enclosure drain plugs are used to drain liquid from equipment susceptible to the collection of moisture, while allowing the enclosure to breathe. In high-vibration areas, some enclosure drain plugs come with seals, O-rings or serrated washers to prevent them from self-loosening or falling out of the enclosure.

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제품설명 단가 Flow Rate Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Mounting Hole Size Operating Temperature Range
RS 제품 번호 838-827
30sccm +70°C -40°C M16 x 1 -40 → +70 °C