Scrubbing Brushes

What is a scrubbing brush?
A scrubbing brush is a tool used to scrub clean a surface or area with applied pressure.
How do they work?
Usually in the form of a hand tool, a brush works with the pressure you apply by repetitively moving over an area to clean it of any debris or dirt until desired.
Features and benefits:
• Hand held brushes that allow for detail cleaning and extra pressure to be able for tough stains and dirt.
• Brushes with broom handles are great for hard to reach places and extending are of use.
• Hard bristle brushes clean up tougher stains quickly
• Soft bristle brushes make quick work of light duty dirt and stains, also protecting delicate surfaces from damage
Where might I use a scrubbing brush?
• At home or around your garden
• In your place of work to sweep up floors or clean bathrooms
• Hospitals or schools

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총 162개 제품 중 161번째-162번째 제품을 조회 중
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제품설명 단가 Application Bristle Length Bristle Material Colour Product Depth Product Width Hard/Soft Food Processing Safe Brush Type
RS 제품 번호 188-9771
제조사 부품 번호703777
- 40mm PET - 205mm 130mm Hard Yes Tank Brush
RS 제품 번호 188-9770
제조사 부품 번호703766
- 40mm PET Brown 205mm 130mm Hard Yes Tank Brush