Crimp Receptacles

Crimp receptacles provide reliable and uniform termination in circuit environments. They ensure resistance to vibration and corrosion, providing good tensile strength. They preclude the need for electrical safety interlocks or special protective shields to help prevent shock hazards. The correct crimp tool will help provide an easy application for reliable electrical performance.

What are crimp receptacles used for?

Crimp receptacles are mainly used in the appliance and automotive industries. They are also widely used in machinery, electrical equipment and home appliances, such as electric ranges, washers and dryers.

Types of crimp receptacle

There are two main types of crimp receptacle. Insulated crimp receptacles can be used to prevent shock and electrical short circuits from exposed leads. They offer high stability under harsh environmental conditions in industrial applications, keeping greases and oils away from the electrical connection.

Uninsulated crimp receptacles provide the greatest variety of uses where special features are not required and allow visual inspection, which is useful in preventing outages and accidents that can be caused by wear and internal degradation.

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제품설명 단가 Series Series Number Insulation Insulation Material Gender Minimum Wire Size mm² Connector Type Maximum Wire Size mm² Minimum Wire Size AWG Maximum Wire Size AWG Tab Size Colour Length CAD Drawing
RS 제품 번호 173-5308
제조사 부품 번호165564-1
제조사TE Connectivity
Each (In a Box of 1000)
PIDG FASTON .110 - Insulated Nylon Female 0.3mm² Tab 1.5mm² 22AWG 15AWG 2.79 x 0.41mm Red 19.8mm -
RS 제품 번호 788-2777
제조사 부품 번호61227-1
제조사TE Connectivity
Each (In a Pack of 50)
FASTON .250 - Uninsulated - Female 2mm² FASTON 6mm² 14AWG 10AWG 6.35 x 0.81mm - 20.7mm -
RS 제품 번호 190-3635
제조사 부품 번호170326-1
제조사TE Connectivity
1 Pack of 5000
Positive Lock .187 Mk II - Uninsulated - Female 0.8mm² Quick Disconnect Terminal 2mm² 18AWG 14AWG 4.75 x 0.51mm - 21.6mm -
RS 제품 번호 144-5660
제조사 부품 번호170092-4
제조사TE Connectivity
Each (On a Reel of 100)
FF - Uninsulated - Female 0.75mm² Quick Disconnect Terminal 2.27mm² 18AWG 14AWG 6.35 x 0.81mm - 20.1mm -
RS 제품 번호 788-2773
제조사 부품 번호3-520276-2
제조사TE Connectivity
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Ultra-Fast .187 - Insulated Nylon Female 1.3mm² Receptacle Contact 2mm² 16AWG 14AWG 4.75 x 0.81mm Blue 23.75mm -
RS 제품 번호 178-8355
Each (In a Bag of 100)
- - Insulated Nylon Female 1.5mm² - 2.5mm² 16AWG 14AWG 4.9 x 0.4mm Blue 27mm -
RS 제품 번호 245-5193
제조사 부품 번호2-520182-2
제조사TE Connectivity
Each (In a Pack of 50)
Ultra-Fast .187 - Insulated Nylon 66 Female 0.3mm² Quick Disconnect Terminal 0.8mm² 22AWG 18AWG 4.75 x 0.51mm Red 0.855in -