Connector Retainers & Latches

Connector retainers are components that increase the mechanical strength of a connection by providing a latching force between the socket and the connector itself. Connector retainers are vital to ensuring that pins and electrical sockets will not come loose or disconnect as a result of mechanical stress or vibration.

When are connector retainers used?

Retainers can be part of either the socket itself or part of the chassis or enclosure that houses the socket. While their use is optional, they provide additional contact retention security, ensuring that all the components of a connector stay secure. Connector retainers are also used to prevent accidental disconnection of the two parts of the connector, making sure that the device works smoothly without any interruptions.

How do connector retainers work?

Connector retainers are available in several formats depending on the application, but fundamentally function by in some way gripping the connector and holding it to the socket, whether by a latching mechanism, screw-thread or soldered bond.

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