Compression Tools

Compression tools – sometimes known as crimping tools – are devices used to join two pieces of wire. They do this by deforming one or both of the wires in a way that causes them to hold each other. The result is known as a crimp. 

How to use compression tools 

Compression tools can be used in circuits or to fix a connector to the end of your wire.

To use your compression tool, first you may need to strip the insulation from both your wires using a cable stripper. Make sure you leave enough wire to fit your desired connector. 

You then insert the wires into the compression tool and squeeze the handles together. It’s also a good idea to solder wires in place after you crimp them.

Why compression tools are important 

Compression tools are precise, meaning that no air pockets will be left between the wire and connector. This prevents moisture, corrosion and, ultimately, breakage. 

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