Single Core Control Cable

Single core control cables are fine and flexible cables designed for the internal wiring of devices. They consist of a core made from a single conductor with a high temperature rating, coated in a durable and flame resistant PVC sheath.

What are single core control cables used for?

Single core control cables are used for the wiring of a range of devices in many industries. These include switch control, electrical cabinets, relay, internal connectors in a range of equipment, and small electrical devices.

Why use single core control cables?

Single core control cables are popular for their excellent strength, thermal resistance and shock-proof features. The conductor is made from bare copper strands, which are flexible so that they can be bent into the required shape. Single core control cables are available in a range of different lengths to suit the end application. They are also designed in different flame retardant PVC sheath colours. The PVC sheath offers insulating properties and is stable, robust and durable.

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