Cable Cutters

From professional electricians or electronic prototyping, a reliable set of cable cutters or pliers should always be at hand and are an essential tool for any tool box. These cutters are used for cutting and stripping wire of all shapes and sizes such as aluminium, copper wire and piano wire. Cable cutters are also used to cut thicker plastic insulated cables if they are made up of multiple wires. The RS range of wire cutters also features ergonomic designs for comfort and confidence.

With models available for shear, flush and diagonal cutting, our cable cutter range also includes solutions for 1000 Volt insulated wire cutting and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) environments. Our electrically insulated cutters mean they are safe to use on electrical, electronic equipment and electric cable and can be used on live wires up to 1000 volts making this type of cutter ideal for electricians.

Other features can include ergonomic handles for a more comfortable hold and grip and high performance cutting edges due to the steel blade. Cutting capacity can range from 0.4mm to 600mm which shows whether the cable cutters are suitable for soft, medium or hard wires. The jaws are opened and closed by using the handles and some have been specially designed for flush cutting.

Always be careful not to force the cutters through material that is too hard for them to cut as this could damage the blades.

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RS 제품 번호 162-9551
제조사 부품 번호169415-1
제조사TE Connectivity
Ratchet Cable Cutter 250mm - - - - - -