Safety Limit Switches

Limit switches operate with the movement of machinery, opening or closing the circuit when movement is detected. Safety limit switches provide a level of risk reduction over regular limit switches, as they have a positive actuation structure, which means that if a fault occurs they will stop conducting the electrical load.

What are safety limit switches used for?

Safety limit switches are used in industrial settings to reduce the risk factor in the event of overcurrent or electrical faults. This can be useful in a wide range of applications, from heating and ventilation to the operation of heavy machinery, where normal limit switches might provide a risk if they continued to conduct electricity in the event of a fault.

Types of safety limit switches

Safety limit switches mainly differ by the type of actuator they have. This can be a hinge, roller, rod or push bolt, for example.They can also vary by the number of contacts and cable entries that they have.

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제품설명 단가 Actuator Type Actuator Included Normal State Configuration Action Type IP Rating Connection Type Housing Material Number of Cable Entries Number of Contacts Size of Cable Entries Pole and Throw Configuration Series Depth Dimensions
RS 제품 번호 410-7363
제조사 부품 번호I88-SU1Z W
제조사Bernstein AG
Radius Yes NO/NC Snap IP65 Screw Fibreglass 1 2 M20 x 1.5 - I88 SU/U 30.5mm 62 x 22 x 30.5 mm
RS 제품 번호 258-8192
제조사 부품 번호GSAC20B
Plunger Yes 2NO/2NC Snap - Screw Metal - 4 - 4P GSS 42mm 145.8 x 42 x 42 mm
RS 제품 번호 179-7566
Roller Arm Lever Yes NO/NC Snap IP67 - Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic - - - - - 89mm 31 x 31 x 89 mm
RS 제품 번호 410-7357
제조사 부품 번호I88-U1Z W
제조사Bernstein AG
Radius Yes NO/NC Slow IP65 Screw Fibreglass 1 2 M20 x 1.5 - I88 SU/U 30.5mm 62 x 22 x 30.5 mm
RS 제품 번호 410-6972
제조사 부품 번호C2-SU1Z R
제조사Bernstein AG
Roller Tappet Yes NO/NC Snap IP20 Screw Fibreglass 1 2 8.5 x 3.5 mm - C2 21mm 44 x 26 x 21 mm
RS 제품 번호 132-9183
제조사 부품 번호XCSPL552
Straight Lever Yes NO/NC Slow IP67 M16 Nylon 66, Plastic 1 2 M16 x 1.5 DP XCSPL 161mm 30 x 30 x 161 mm