Deburring Handles

Deburring handles are casings that hold blades and scrappers during deburring (de-edging) activities. These handles can be made of steel, metal, rubber or plastic. Deburring handles have ergonomic soft grips to protect the hands of the user from chafing.

What are deburring handles used for?

Deburring handles are used during grinding, mass-finishing, spindle finishing, sanding, and abrasive blasting activities.

Deburring handles are available in various sizes and blade handling capabilities. These handles are categorised according to blade size compatibility.

How are deburring handles used?

Deburring handles have a release mechanism at the front of the handle where the blade or scraper can be attached or detached. Some deburring handles have an opening at the front of the handle that the blade or scraper can be glided into for easy insertion. Deburring handles may also have a screw mechanism for blades and scrapers to be inserted via a rotating action.

The blades and scrapers are secured with a front locking mechanism. Some handles have slots on both sides to accommodate different blade types, using only one handle as a base.

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Telescopic N-Type Blades NG 3002
RS 제품 번호 400-8632
제조사 부품 번호UH 1000
- N-Type Blades, S-Type Blades UH 1000
RS 제품 번호 400-8626
제조사 부품 번호NG 1000
NG-1 S-Type Blades NG1000